Involving your loved one

Your loved one should always be involved in advance care planning wherever possible. You should assume they have mental capacity to be involved in decision-making. Mental capacity legislation explains why and when a person may not be able to take part in advance care planning discussions, though it is still best-practice to include them if you can. You may also like to think about which other family members and people of significance might need to be involved.

Involving other health and care professionals

In addition, the following professionals may be involved in advance care planning:

Care home staff


Other specialist health professionals
for example, if your loved one has another health condition

Legal professionals
for example, a solicitor

Once the Advance Care Plan has been made, it should be shared with the appropriate health and care colleagues, via paper and electronic records, to ensure everyone has access to it if necessary, such as:

Out-of-hours care providers

Community health professionals


Ambulance and emergency services

Your loved one’s Advance Care Plan will be stored safely and securely. It will not be looked at unless there is a health or care related reason, or it requires regular review due to the health of your loved one.

Where permitted, you can request a copy of the Advanced Care Plan for your own personal records.


If you need to talk to someone after reading this information, the following organisations can offer you support:

TEL: 0800 090 2309

TEL: 0808 808 7777

TEL: 0808 808 1677

TEL: 116 123


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