Social distancing and visiting restrictions may have changed how much time you can spend at a care home during COVID-19. This might mean you have less opportunities for conversations with, and about, your loved one. Visiting restrictions are likely to alter how advance care planning conversations take place.

Having read the information so far, you may be thinking about any actions or next steps you would like to take. You may also have some questions for the nursing home about advance care planning. Therefore, here are some suggestions for how you can take part in advance care planning conversations during COVID-19. Where possible your loved one should always be given the opportunity to be involved if they wish to be.

Write a letter or email outlining your wishes or concerns regarding the care of your loved one during COVID-19.

Check with care home staff if your loved one already has an Advance Care Plan in place. Discuss if this needs updating in the light of COVID-19.

Book a meeting via phone or video call with the care home manager or care coordinator to discuss making an Advance Care Plan. This is sometimes called a Family Care Conference.

Talk to your loved one about their wishes and preferences during COVID-19 if possible. You may need the care home to help facilitate this via phone or video call in place of a visit.

Talk with a member of care home staff that you trust.

Discuss this website with your relative and other family members if appropriate.

If an existing Advance Care Plan is updated during this time, the most recent version should be shared with all of the relevant health and care professionals.

Watch the video below to hear Violet Graham talk about a family care conference.


If you need to talk to someone after reading this information, the following organisations can offer you support:

TEL: 0800 090 2309

TEL: 0808 808 7777

TEL: 0808 808 1677

TEL: 116 123


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