Resources list for staff

Conversational tools

Red-Map framework – SPICT
A website containing resources to support communication in a range of settings

‘What matters to me’ conversations
A short video to encourage open conversations about person-centred healthcare and advance care planning

A short video from the perspective of professionals, with examples from clinical practice of how this approach can be incorporated into busy daily practice
These ‘what matters conversations’ resources were developed by some 25 organisations, charities and societies that have been meeting regularly since March 2020, under the umbrella of the Royal College of General Practitioners, to discuss ways of optimising palliative and end of life care. The group wish to encourage lifelong conversations around what is important to you now and in the future. We are linking to these resources with kind permission from the ‘what matters conversations’ group.

SBAR communication tool
A communication tool that enables information to be transferred accurately between individuals and has been successfully used in many different healthcare settings

Family Conference
Bringing family members into the conversation: Steps for hosting a Family Care Conference

COVID Ready Communication Playbook
Tips for having conversations about health and care during COVID-19

Distress Protocol
Word document

Promotional Poster - Care Staff
PDF document

Advance care planning tools and templates

RED–MAP framework
How to structure an advance care planning conversation

My future wishes plan
Easy read advance care planning booklet (England and Wales)

Your life and your choices: plan ahead
The booklet explains how you can plan ahead for your future care in Northern Ireland

Planning for your future – Advance Care Planning – Dementia UK
Advance Care Planning guide and template

ReSPECT documentation
The ReSPECT process creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care and treatment in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices

Addressing Goals of Care
Addressing Goals of Care using the REMAP tool

Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT™)
The SPICT™ can identify people with deteriorating health and guide care planning.

SPICT™ resources
A range of resources about palliative and end of life care.

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes for older people
Guidance developed to help care home staff and NHS staff support residents through the pandemic

Care homes and coronavirus
Video developed to help health and care professionals look after people in care homes during this Coronavirus pandemic

Marie Curie
Information on advance care planning for healthcare professionals.

The Palliative Hub
Glancing Back, Thinking Forward: end of life care planning for people with intellectual disabilities

Talking about Advance Care Planning and Coronavirus
Advance care planning guidance for coronavirus and learning disabilities from Mary Stevens Hospice and Dudley Voices for Choice

Mental capacity leaflet - thinking capacity and following best interests
This leaflet was developed by Claud Regnard based on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (covers England & Wales)

Universal principles for advance care planning in England
This document presents six high level principles for advance care planning in England


Mental Capacity Act: Legislation which covers England and Wales
The Mental Capacity Act 2005

Mental Capacity Act: Legislation which covers Northern Ireland
The Mental Capacity Act 2016

Adults with Incapacity Act: Legislation which covers Scotland
The Adults with Incapacity Act 2000 (Scotland)

Mental Health, Mental Capacity
My human rights: Booklet on mental health, mental capacity and human rights

Human Rights Act
The right to respect for private life (Article 8 of the Human Rights Act) protects people’s ability to have control over their life and be involved in decisions. This right still applies where a person has been assessed as lacking capacity to make a decision. This means you should consider a person’s wishes and support them to participate in decisions as much as possible.

Scotland – Guidance for visiting loved ones in an adult care home

Northern Ireland – COVID-19: Regional Principles for Visiting in Care Settings in Northern Ireland

Self-care and wellbeing information

Staying well when social distancing
Top tips on how to cope with social distancing

How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis
Practical steps on how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Doing what matters in times of stress
A stress management guide for coping with adversity

Information about mindfulness practice

How to get to sleep
Information about sleeping better

Couch to 5k – week by week
A guided training plan for physical fitness

Coping as a key worker
Guidance about going to work during COVID-19

Coping and self-care
Self-care ideas with links to resources

Grief support

Grief and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic
Guidance for supporting yourself and others

Coping with death and grief during the Covid-19 pandemic
Guidance for supporting yourself and others

Grief Chat
An online support service for those experiencing grief

Marie Curie
Information and support